Here are some unsolicited comments received by SHARE from Simsbury residents

  • I am very thankful for the work you've done, for making Simsbury a better place for us and generations to come. I had mistakenly been under the impression your organization's purpose was focused solely on the southern part of Simsbury and am very grateful for what you do for the entire town.

May 2008 - After the Rejection of the River Oaks Project by the Simsbury Zoning Commission

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! THANK you for all of your hard work. This is HUGE!
  • Congratulations on your success with Konover! Your hard work and dedication paid off, and benefited out entire community. Just goes to show you what concerned citizens can do when they band together and speak out!
  • Hooray to SHARE for ALL the Work and Time commited to this very worthwhile project. There were times I wondered whether Simsbury could be saved and you proved it could.THANK YOUto everyone who has worked so hard on this project.
  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work...we truly appreciate it!!! Congratulations!
  • THANK YOU one and all for your hours and hours of tireless work, energy and monetary support for the preservation of the land use in Simsbury. As Avon residents next to the Simsbury line we are VERY pleased that the Konover application was rejected. We love Simsbury since the time we moved into the Farmington Valley (1978) and frequent the stores, restaurants, hair salons, library and golf. Thank you for keeping the charm in your town, the quaintness we love and the neighborhoods and schools that are first rate.
  • Please extend our family's gratitude for a job well-done to all of you who worked so hard to help make our voices heard. Yeah!
  • congratulations! What an exciting victory!
  • Thank you very much for all of your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would NOT have happened without your dilegence!

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